What We Do ?

Consulting & Business Services

Our professional management consultancy team focuses on customers’ most demanding and critical issues and opportunities such as: Building up and reviewing strategy, marketing, organizational behavior, operations, technology, transformation, advanced analytics, corporate finance, as well as sustainability across all industries.

Support Services

We offer our supporting services to you at ministries & government offices including getting licenses for small and medium businesses for Omanis and expatriate in Oman.

Feasibility Study Services

We prepare professional feasibility studies in diverse domains & various projects. Our team is always ready to answer your enquires in a high quality and a prompt manner.

Investment Services

With a deep understanding of the market & its potential opportunities, and with collaboration with our local and regional partners, we can connect you to the right investors, founders, and business men for the best investment opportunities for you.

Branding Management Services

Your image is our focus!

We offer corporate identity structuring & development services, to market your name as you really deserve.

Financial Services

Our team is ready to help audit and review the accounting and financial strategies and practices within businesses through having deeper insight, behind the numbers, to identify the business’ core financial drivers. A proper financial analysis helps business to answer critical questions – and increase opportunities of potential profits – including:

· What financial trends are appearing in the business?

· Could you improve cash without increasing sales?

· How much cash does it take to grow?

· Is the level of debt-funding right?

· Is the business financially sustainable and giving the owners an appropriate investment return?

· What is your financial future?

Freelancers Servicess

we provide you with outside expertise, filtering down to freelancers who are actually good at what they do and within your budget.

Logistics Servicess

with our quality team and advanced information technology, we are dedicated to offering the best international and domestics services and networks that enable our customers to make (All the Right Moves) in thair supply chains.

  • Road Transport
  • Air transport
  • Shipping
  • Distribution & storage warehouses

Business Performance Analysis

We use a combination of business expertise and highly KPI dashboard technologies to help measure the performance of businesses. The process involves identifying, analyzing, and automating what’s measured in order to increase the levels of productivity and profitability in the organization.

Human Resource Development Services

(T.W.B.D) has a wide range of professional training courses in the fields of Management, HRM, Knowledge Management, Quality Management, Crisis Management and Risk Management; as well as all soft skills courses (including: Communication Skills, Time Management Skills, Customer Service Skills, Creative Thinking Skills, etc.).

IT Solution Services

We help SME’s and businesses to better-find the best reengineering processes, software & hardware solutions to make their business prosper.

Franchise Services

We provide consulting and development services to help established franchisors prosper. Whether it’s franchise sales, franchise marketing or management, our franchise audit and experts will pinpoint areas needing improvement.

Best Location Services

We help business owners and entrepreneurs find the best locations for their businesses and operations, to help them generate highest profits.

Interior Design Services

Our modern designers express your strategy with a fine art.

Our creative team is standby to provide you with so many options, so the interior designing will reflect the best image you would like and suitable for your businesses.

Marketing Development Services

We deliver the most innovative, cost effective & sustainable solutions in:

1. E-Marketing

2. Offline marketing services

3. Event management services

4. Conference & exhibition management

5. Audio-visual services

6. Artists & bloggers connection

7. Social Media services

8. Telemarketing Services

9. And more…

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